Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hello New Year!

I hope everyone is enjoying their 2009!

The 6th already! Doesn't time fly by so quickly when you get into a lazy Christmas routine? I suppose its time I said my 'Happy New Year's and got back to some stitching.

This little penguin has spent a long time hiding behind mounds of polyfill snow and wrapping paper, so not to spoil a little pressie for my happy penguin friend, and he is very glad to be out and about now.

I'm not sure of his name yet (I really must find out), but I do know his favourite food is orange fish and that he is very fussy when it comes to scarves, this was the 3rd try!

Off I go to find my craft stuff and a little inspiration!
Happy New Year
I hope its a good one for all!


  1. He is too cute! And, congratulations on learning to crochet, Jenny. That's on my list to do this year too.

  2. I love the penguin, and am very happy to be his owner. I haven't quite decided his name yet, so any ideas would be gratefully received!!
    Thank you so much for him, he's lovely :)


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