Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Elves are back...

Winter woolies and bobble hats at the ready!
It's cold outside and I can't denied it any longer...

I have little tree standing in the corner,
green and red,
inspired by elf hats,
a jingle bell on a curly top
and a present underneath...

It isn't just a tree, it's a Christmas tree...

but I don't feel the eek that it's come too soon,
it just makes me smile...

As much as I tried to think of something new, my sketchbook filled with curly topped Elf trees.
I loved last year's so much I couldn't help it. They stayed long after Christmas, but there is something cuter about these that makes me think a new desktop forest will appear.

Plumper and brighter and somehow cheerier...
what do you think?



  1. ohhh yeah, they look cute! im sure they will be popular!

  2. I really like it! I love things elf-ish! :)


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