Thursday, 12 November 2009

Stitchy Snail Mail

Now I have started the christmas posts, I can share Christmas stamps...

Snowflakes, a Nutcracker and my favourite... Santa baubles!!
How wonderful are they? I hope I spy some real ones as I do my shopping!

The Santa stamps brought snail mail and stitches! The wonderful Mollie of Wild Olive was so generous and sent some of her cute characters as little fabric patches. The pink fellow is Stitchy Floss from the Make. Do. Create Crafty Characters embroidery set. She is definitely one for the inspiration board!

The cutest paper plane, Popular Paper Air Mail. This was a free pattern for the Wild Olive Mailing A-list. You can sign up in the left hand side bar of her blog and you really should,  Mollie is so good to us followers!!

And there was a peek of him above, but I quickly set to work...


On-the-go Coffee from the Take Me Out embroidery set as a cute painting.
I have a little get-you-in-the-xmas-spirit coffee gift to send to the boy and I knew this would make the perfect gift tag. With the sewing machine, I stitched the painting to a craft paper gift tag then hand stitched the words "Drink and be Merry!" and a little border before adding a bow. I think he is going to love it more than the gift!

Mollie has loads of ideas of things to do with embroidery. In fact she has a series of posts called "Things to do with Embroidery" which would make great handmade presents this Christmas. All the embroidery patterns and many more can be found in her Wild Olive Etsy shop as well as lovely paper printables and until the 15th of November all the sales will go towards making World Vision Caregivers Kits so now is the time to visit...

Thank you so much Mollie!

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  1. one of my characteristics of my personality and way of thinking is to plan ahead and I was actually searching for some interesting ideas for Christmas already and this is really useful for me!


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