Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Winter Puds

Tonight I had a desperate longing for a warm winter pudding.

As I was up to my elbows in butter and sugar whipping up a super quick cherry crumble, I remember I had another Pudding I was needing to share (not that I wanted to share my crumble... hee hee)

This little flatie fellow is the warmest of all the winter pud. Rich, fruit stuffed, brandy soaked Christmas Pudding... yummm my favourite! My family will tell you that not a year has gone by where I haven't had seconds of Xmas pud, thirds some years... and if I must be completely honest, I even buy one straight after Christmas to go in the cupboard and be eaten on a cold March evening.

And keeping with my personal tradition of seconds, I just had to have another year of these cuties. These Flatie and pins are bringing their Xmas cheer to the little shops, and are keeping last year's fat little softie Puddings company although teasing them a little about being 'leftovers' :)

Now who wants some figgy pudding?


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