Friday, 13 November 2009

Snowmen in my Sketchbook

Quite literally there are tiny Sweet Snowmen hiding in there...

Bunny fancied a change from her Snowbunnies and thought she'd make her first Snowman. I think she did quite well!

And over the page...

... a much larger friend for her!

I have very miserable wintery weather here. No snow, but lots of rain, blustery winds and the greyest of grey light making photo taking a nightmare! The poor Sweet Snowmen are exhausted from no less than 6 days of photo shoots (as am I). We tried many backgrounds... white, green, spotted, trees, Russian, craft brown and scribbles, and finally we have a selection of pics for the little shops.

Now I know you are a clever bunch with some very pretty pictures... any tips for someone suffering with miserable light?


  1. Sorry, not much help here I'm afraid - I have a nightmare trying to photograph glass - it's either too dull or too bright. I've resorted to using a lightbox and lashings of Photoshop to get the colours accurate to daylight! At least it's predictable.

    Your little snowfella looks great on the aqua spot background!

  2. i ma terrible at taling pictures so i cant help you either! the snow men look soooo cute, i love the eyes that you do on all of your creations

  3. I use mirrors placed around the item to reflect outside light, and if it's drizzly out I put up a white sheet between light sources and the object with a big mirror opposite it. So far so good, or maybe I'm just getting lucky.

  4. Your snowmen are too cute! The picture of them are just dandy, too. Messing with the light must have been super annoying. The weather is being crazy around here: hot one day, frigid the next.


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