Friday, 20 November 2009

Spooky Mail

Any minute now I'm running off up North for a weekend away, but first I had to share some snail mail...

This little bundle of spooky goodness came from Jess of Rainbow Sweet Stitch. Jess was the winner of my trick or treat goodie parcel and in return she sent me Halloween goodies too :)

What with all the Christmas crazy going on around here, I didn't have a chance to make anything with the cool fabric patches... a spooky cat, bat and my favourite pumpkin but they are safely stowed to make into a cute decoration next year.  You can see the awesome things Jess made with the patches on her blog and in her fantastic etsy shop.

My favourite thing of all was this super cute card with a candy corn who tastes like death! I Love him!!
We don't have candy corn over in the UK but I am so tempted to try some now. I guess they taste more like gummy sweets than death though, right?

Best dash, I'm being told to get in the car...

Thank you so much Jess!
and I hope everyone has lovely weekends

Oh and I love to know where the card came from... I think Santa needs to bring me some :)


  1. You've never had candy corn?? They're not really gummy. They kinda taste like those solid cake decorations. If I come across some...I just might have to send them your way...or I'll have bunnycreates send them for me. hehe :)

  2. I assure you, candy corn is not all it's cracked up to be. I promise, you are not missing out on much. mushroommeadows is right: candy corns are basically solid cake frosting gone wrong. Super sweet and kind of hard.

    -Carolyn Michelle

  3. I'm so behind on everyone's blogs! Erm!

    The little candy corn card came from this lovely lady:

    The book you can find here:

    I gave my sister a few cards on the birth of a fart. She got a kick out of it. ;D


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