Saturday, 7 November 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...nope! I'm not going to say it just yet,
but I have been busy in that way...

I've had the print gocco out and made a new set of Gingerbread Sweethearts.
This year's are a shimmering golden gingerbread and I hand tied and stitched real bows on each mistletoe sprig... I am quite smitten with my Sweethearts!

I also had a prolonged label making marathon, in which I learnt a valuable lesson. If you work on nine photoshop files at the same time, you should probably save them at least once because the computer will crash and you will lose four hours work... silly Jenny! But straight back to it I went and it was worth it. Cute labels and tags for all!

The Snowbunnies also had a second print and new labels but this time as cute wintery note sets.
All the cards are in the little shops, as well as some other seasonal pieces.

Its definitely beginning to look a lot like a certain holiday over there...


  1. I can't bare to say it either...{shudder} :)
    Lovely note sets! and the gingerbread sweethearts are so very sweet! xx

  2. Wow so much detail! I love them :)
    boo Photoshop lol

  3. oh wow! well done, they all look lovely, the gingerbread men are ace! i really wish i could draw!!


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