Monday, 9 November 2009

Home for life

I believe gingerbread is not just for Christmas and so this is still not one of those posts. In a couple of days my posts will be seasonal though... you have been warned so bring along a mug of mulled wine and a bobble hat to help with all that!

This Gingerbread Home was stitched up as a custom order. I made my first gingerbread house last year and I always meant to make more of them, so this was fun! My favourite part is the candy roof, so many pretty stitches and felt candies up there...

I'd love to make more of these...

But while I wait for requests, I have some ready made Gingerbread Homes waiting in the little shops.

Flatie Baubles with red and green candies for hanging around your home
*whispers* or on the tree

And super cute mini Gingerbread Homes to pin to yourself!
I can't wait to wear mine!



  1. They are great! I'm with you - gingerbread houses should be a year round thing :) A halloween gingerbread house?!


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