Tuesday, 13 May 2008

'Elf and Safety'

15 bells, 10 rosy cheeks and a lot of stitches later, the elves are ready!

Why "Elf + Safety"?

It started with a christmas ornament I made last year for my dad. (You can see it here at the bottom of the post) He works in Health and Safety, and I do like to play with words, so the 'Elf and Safety' Elf was born.
He is leaving for a new job soon, and asked if I could make some more elves for gifts.
And here there are, a merry bunch to spread cheer and safety!

They wish you a happy healthy Tuesday!!
and so do I!



  1. So cute! And, I love that your dad wanted you to make some for gifts.

  2. Yes, it always lovely when someone ask me to make something special x


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