Sunday, 11 May 2008

Oriental Scribblings

Last month's ATC swap theme was "Oriental".
Unfortunately, I was too busy with my stitchings and missed the deadline to join in so no pretty post for me, and I really do love it when little pieces of art come through the letter box.

I had forgotten that I had sketched some ideas for the swap, until yesterday's pagoda picnic reminded me. The one of the left is meant to be blossom, which would have been a background for the geisha-style lady on the right.

Also oriental in theme is this fabric my friend gave me a couple of weeks ago.
It is beautiful with tiny scenes all over it. Its too pretty not to share, and it may be a long time until I'm feeling brave enough to cut in to it.
Argh, the curse of pretty fabrics!!

Hope you all had the most wonderful of weekends

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  1. That fabric is really pretty. It reminds of the cover of a journal I got in Hong Kong years ago. I can understand you not wanting to cut it!


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