Thursday, 29 May 2008

My very own little shop

Myself and the shop bunnies are very pleased to announce that:

I haven't done the big everything-listed-opening I was planning on, instead I am going to be listing a few items each day.

Today was Bunny Day,
so these two bunnies made their way over there and are looking for new friends

"Goldie" and "Gracie" Bunny

And there are a couple of Flossy Bunny Mini Tote too.

"Flossy loves Chocolate" and "Flossy Wants to be Filled with Chocolate" Mini Totes

The next shop fill will be a Cake Day!
I do hope you'll pop over there and take a look sometime.

Now that my little dreamed-of shop is a reality, I am feeling quite emotional. I'm proud to have completed the first step, and very excited about the challenges that lie ahead. But mainly I am thankful to all who got me there, and that includes you. The kind words, advice and support I have received have been so amazing and have given me the confidence to do this. I thank you all dearly for coming on this adventure with me.

(a stitcher, scribbler and shop bunny)


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