Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My Bunny Boy

Billy Boy Bunny

Billy is bunny no. 6 and my very first bunny boy!
I think he turned out lovely, the perfect sweetheart for the flossy bunnies.

He is wearing felt dungarees with little stitch details and a cotton neckerchief. You can see a picture of the back here.

He is the same height as the other bunnies, a grand old 32cm high, made of the same lovely fluffy angora knit, and has his number '6' stitched on his foot. He is off to the brick-and-mortar shop, Archie and Mabel's, as he was a special request.

The other bunnies are waiting to be dressed and I'm pretty sure they will be girls.
Of course, that does mean more boy bunny sweethearts will be needed too.


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  1. He is just so lovely. You are on a winner with this design. He is going to break some hearts! - Jen


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