Friday, 2 May 2008

Everyday Cake

You probably guessed already that I think cake is the best way to celebrate the big things, but I also believe it to be the perfect treat to mark the little things too. 
(Any excuse for cake is good for me!)

I have found a great way to have a cakey treat around all the time...

A Cheery Cherry Cardholding Cake!
Felty stitches just the right size for keeping my business cards looking cute.

This is not the first outing of a cheery cherry cake. 
Back in January, there was a couple of badges with their happy faces on and when my other cardholder vanished a couple of weeks ago, she sprang to mind as the perfect cardholding companion. She is my everyday-cakey-friend :)


In other Cakey news, I took 3 of these little 'Happy' Badges up to the shop this week

And the other 3?
Well, I'm keeping them myself to pop in a shop of my own.
I'll keep you posted on that little development, I don't know as yet when it will happen but I'm so excited at the thought of my own little shop!!

And a huge thank you for all the sweet comments I have received about the birthday cake stitches. 
Y  They really made my day Y 

Hope you all have a cake-filled weekend!

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