Saturday, 24 May 2008

Edible Happy!!

I spent yesterday making this edible 'Happy' cakes for Gaz's belated Birthday.
When I say 'made', I do in fact mean 'decorated some shop-bought mini sponge cakes'. There is a good reason I make felt cakes, and that is because as much as I wish and try I have never managed a good cake yet. And I am a very messy cook, felt is much tidier.
We ate them before setting off last night.
And because of the cake decorating and getting ready to go, I missed my post last night. My post-a-day is over and I'm a little sad about it, as its been a great experience. As well as it being the most wonderful motivation and inspiration to work, open up my own little shop (almost) and keep blogging, I have found some fantastic people and blogs to add to my reading list too.
Take care all and have a lovely weekend!

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