Sunday, 18 May 2008

Shop Bunny

'Gracie' Bunny

I am very happy to say that Gracie is all dressed and ready to play.
She is patiently waiting for my little shop to open, so she can sit in her corner and say hello to passers-by.

Gracie is bunny no.7.
All bunnies are made from super soft, fluffy angora. The features are hand stitched by me and each has its number stitched on its back. They is a little bunny gallery here if you'd like to see them all so far.

Gracie and I have been talking shop. 
We are hoping to set it all up this week and are trying to pick a name from the little shop. 
Ideas so far are:

So. what do you think? One of these names, or thinking caps back on?
Or maybe you have an idea?
We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hope your weekends have been lovely

I have decided to open the shop under the name

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