Saturday, 3 May 2008

Dreaming in Doodles

I finished up one of the three dolls I was trying out this week.

Dreaming Doodle Doll
She sits and sleeps, dreaming of pencil crayons and colouring books.

I can be quite the sleepyhead myself, so this little girl is inspired by me and my love of cosy pyjamas. 

She is completely handscribbled (the back as well!).

I love how she has turned out! As I made up the new patterns last weekend, this is the one I wasn't to keen on, but now its my favourite and I have plans to stitch up some more
I'm still working on the other two, and they will appear here before I start on more dreaming dolls.

This month I am going to keeping myself very busy indeed. I have lots of stitching and scribbling planned, the dream of a little shop to work towards and yesterday I signed up over on the allsorts blog to do A Post A Day in May
Its a wonderful blog that has some cute craft projects and inspirational pictures, and a big list of all the post-a-day blogs. Pop over if you haven't already :)

Happy weekends!


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