Saturday, 7 June 2008

100 metres of thread...

...yards of freshly pressed fabric, countless pins and one very sore finger
and not a single pretty picture to share with you!
*sigh* it's all work in progress here.

But I find it hard to post without a picture so I thought I'd share some of my handmade treasure collection.

'My Paper Crane' Donuts!!

These little donuts makes me so unbelievably happy!
The large one is a 'My Paper Crane' plush and the small sad one is a keychain from a My Paper Crane/Kidrobot collaboration. I love how they look together and my other donut keychains are not far away looking cute too (they are here in fact!)

The little ones were found on ebay and lead me to the wonderful world of Heidi, the one behind My Paper Crane. She has a fantastic blog, filled with plushes, vintage finds and the yummiest- looking recipes ever. I was hooked (and wishing I could cook) as soon as I discovered it.
So imagine my delight upon opening my christmas presents and discovering my friend had left a donut plush under my tree! I was bouncing around like a little kid at ..erm.. christmas!!
Go look at her work and I guarantee it will make you smile!



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