Sunday, 1 June 2008

Cake Day!

It's been busy, busy, busy around here and that's has made my little blog feel quite neglected after all the post-a-day fun.

The busy, busy for me has all been crafty, so I have new things to share.

Three more "Happy the Birthday Cake" Softies!!
These little fellows are very excited about the thought of travelling the big, wide world out there. Their journey begin last night as they took their places on the floaty shelves* of my little shop as I did a Cake-themed shop update.

As well as the 3 softies, there are these little Happy felt badges (you may them remember from this post) and a Happy Mini Tote too.

The next shop fill be a Girl-themed and I hope to do that in a few days.
The shop is really taking shape now its got a fuller front page. A few people have stopped by and I had my first sale, which is the truly loveliest feeling and is making me very happy indeed! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
I'm off to be busy again...


*I say 'floaty shelves' as I imagine if you stood inside an Etsy shop for real, all the items would be floating around you in a magical kind of way.


  1. Congratulations of opening up your etsy shop. It looks fantastic! And congratulations of the first sale. What an ego boost! Cheers Jen

  2. Thank you so much for congrats!!


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