Sunday, 29 June 2008

Delightful Distractions

Yesterday's post was a little sleepy I'm afraid.
My time away was mainly spent with the cozy stitches I posted yesterday, but I also managed to make a start on a scribbled pencil case for the shop (like this one). 

I know should have really posted as soon as I got through the door at house 1 and settled down with a cup of tea, but as I came in I heard a choir of little voices saying, in a sing-song kind of way;

"We're been here half finished since Wednesday, 
the sewing machine is missing you terribly!
oh please come sew, oh please!"

And so I sewed, not blogged.

And once I made it to the computer, I stumbled upon the most amazing tea party at A Fanciful Twist's blog. I had to stop a while to glaze upon the wonder paper tea set and all the decorations Vanessa had made for the occasion. If you've not already, you should definitely take a look...

My Sunday is looking just as distracted as yesterday, but nonetheless lovely.
Hope your weekend is just as lovely, but a little less muddled :)


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