Monday, 23 June 2008

French Fancies

It all started when I found this lovely cotton print fabric.

I love Paris.
I dream one day of running away to live there, and being very clique by sitting in cafes, reading old books, eating macaroons and wearing a beret. So I instantly had to have the fabric and when I began to think of what to do with it, Beret-wearing girls began appearing across my sketchbook.


Cece loves macaroons more than any girl I know. She spends her days searching through patisserie counter for new flavours to devour.  

You met Cece in an earlier post, she was the first to come out of the sketchbook and was shown as a snippet of what I was working on. As I planned to make at least three pieces I wanted to wait until all were made before I shared finished pieces.


Celeste likes to rummage through flea market stalls for books on astrology. Since she was young, she'd wished she was a star in the sky so she could ask the other stars what they had seen in their lives.


Celine spends her days in the stores of Paris, admiring each and every stitch, button, buckle and shoe. To her, the shops are beautiful galleries of wearable art.

I turned the girls and the lovely Eiffel Tower print into three tote bags.

Cece and Celeste became lined Shoppers with plenty of space for books and pastries.
And Celine turned in to a balloon-shaped tote 
(the same shape as the "Simone and the daisies" tote)

The three bags will be in my little shop soon, along with some other girly goodies.

The girl's stories are pieces of my own french dream. I didn't do so much that I wanted to do on my last visit as I feared I would seem too clique, but I wish I had. I'm glad my my girls are more carefree and I hope to follow their lead on my next visit.

Bon Lundi a tous!

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  1. So cute - I got a kick out of this since my name is Celeste! :)


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