Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A shop full of girls

These three beret-ed cuties are now in the shop!

I did the shop update late last night/early this morning and added the three Paris bags from yesterday's post, as well as these girly goodies:

Black and White 'Kristel' Shopper Tote

The first Kristel was my blonde girl, made on the request of a friend. This is a black and white version of that bag with a petal and button flower for her hair.

'Wendy' Mini Tote

Wendy was originally called Girl no.2, but that just didn't suit her friendly, wide-eyed look :)

And Lizzie the Doodle doll is there too waiting to greet you!


As I loaded up the girls, I figured out why my etsy photos weren't looking so sharp. I'd been uploading the tiny thumbnail pics instead of the actual photos (I don't know how, but I had eek!). I spent a good couple of hours sorting that out and now the pictures are a better quality and hopefully do the cakes and bunnies justice. 

I'm looking forward to an evening of drawing after all the computer-ness of getting things in the shop. Don't get me wrong, I love my little shop and the work, I love my computer and I have an internet addiction, but nothing beats pens and paper or a needle and thread for me :)

Happy scribblings

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