Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Slowly Scribbled Doll...

I got a little distracted from working on my doodle dolls experiment. It started what feel a long time ago (almost 2 months ago in this post!) and yesterday, I finished the third little lady.


Maddie is a bright girl. She loves to discover new things and tries to learn something new everyday. Today, she discovered the average strawberry has 200 seeds.

I think Maddie is the doll I was trying to make as I started these doodle doll trials and I've just been lucky to make two other little dolls I adore as well. Maddie, although the realisation of my doodle doll idea, has some wonky seams in places so she will be staying with me. 

Of the three dolls, Lizzie is the only one who will make it in to my little shop. She will be part of a small girly shop update, which I hope to do that tomorrow or Monday evening. First I need to take some photos of 'Cece' and her bag friends, which will be done tomorrow if the weather will play along. Its been so cloudy here the past few days, my camera skills have no chance :(

I hope for sunny Sundays for all

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