Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I Call Them Podlings

I didn't get around to getting my pens and pencils out.
Instead the felt, scissors and threads were put to work to create all these little eyes and felt circle and rectangles to be turned in to ipod cosies.

Since taking my little podling out and about, I've had some very nice words said about him (thank you!), so I've decided to make a couple to put in Archie and Mabel's and a few for my own Stitcher Scribbler Shop too. 

As usual, the first pattern needed a bit of tweaking and the new podlings will look a little more like this pink one, except with rounded corners.
I hope to get them in the shops next week!


And it's not only last night's plans that changed. Instead of spending this week at the sewing machine, I'm now going to be spending tomorrow and Friday at house no.2 
One of the best things about house 2 is I will have my own little crafty studio/room. I've been studying design blogs like Poppytalk, On my desk and Modish for ideas for my perfect workspace and I'm hoping on this visit I'll be able to make a start at setting it up.
I'm insanely excited about storage right now :)

And I think that may have something to do with why when I popped out for bread and milk yesterday, I came home with this;

A random act of shopping!

Wouldn't it be the most beautiful way to store... something!?

I'll back at the weekend, have a lovely time until then

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  1. Oh my gosh...podlings are so CUTE!!! I wish I had an i-pod! :)


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