Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I am really enjoying autumn this year.
Its been quite sunny and its been good to get out and enjoy seeing the changes, not just trying to spot them through drizzly windows. I saw too much of summer that way.

It is the end of September and time to share my little contribution to the lovely Bunzi's Monthly Makings. The theme was Autumn and I was so inspired to join in.

I stitched up this little seasonal bunny who is named Autumn after the theme and season.
Where as yesterday's bunnies enjoyed their time outdoor as an end of summer picnic (those pictures had been waiting for over week to be shared... bad bloggy jenny!), Autumn is truly enjoying her season. We collected teeny-tiny pine cones, open chestnuts that looked like flowers and many golden leaves that keep blowing away from our photos.

One little leaf was happy to have its photo taken...

Autumn was made from delicious vintage woven fabric, that I call "The coat that never was..." It was given to me by a relative in the form of a half-made hand stitched coat, which would have been a wonderfully toasty coat for autumn days. It is brown, speckled with cream and blue and makes me think of wool tweed, although I'm not really sure if it is. I am sure that is a very Autumn-y fabric. 

The Little Bunny Autumn is bringing some seasonal cheer to the little etsy shop now, along with some birthday gift bag/mini totes which went in a couple of days ago. Stop by and pay a visit if you have the time.

And Please do stop by the Bunny Creates blog to see all the other monthly makings. August's makings were fantastic to see!



  1. oh, I love her! she definitely is an "Autumn" ;]

  2. Oh I love love love her!! her scarf is so sweet!

  3. she is adorable! love her colors. ;)

  4. She is so sweet! What a great autumn bunny! I love your Halloween bunny sketches too! Hopefully we will get to see pumpkin bunny next year!


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