Friday, 5 September 2008

Tweet! Tweet!

During my holiday, I kept spotting little grey birds flying about. 
They looked quite dull and boring, but as you passed under the trees they sat in, you saw that along with their grey bodies and black heads, wings and tail, they had a bright yellow patch on their underbellies and I instantly I loved them. I do like flashes of bright colour with grey, and I always love a cheerful suprise.

Lacking the neccessary camera skills I couldn't manage to get a picture of their yellow patches,  so my picture comes from a book.

It was the Middle Eastern Bulbul which I spied. Aren't they surprisingly sweet?
The book had this description of them:

"Rather sombre dress with white spectacles and bright yellow undertail coverts"

which, of course, looked like this in my scribbly mind:

It needs a lot of neatening (drawing white spectacles is hard, I discovered!!), but you get the idea. Also scrappy-looking is the little felt and denim version I made. I've always wanted to be able to make and draw real looking birds.  One day I will sew some calico canaries to sit in my blue bird cage. I'll need a lot of practice but to start it all off here is bird no.1

Luckily I like scrappy and find him endearing so he will be loved. I even managed to get a little 3d in him, so I promising start :)

(Oh I did manage one in focus bird pic but if you'd like to see a real photo and not my 'no-i-won't-show-you-my-yellow-bottom' pic, I found this one on Flickr)

Oops!! A week since my last post! I didn't mean to be so quiet this week but its been an awful crappy one. It can only get better I feel and so shall my blogging - I have been (quietly) working away and do have lots to share.

Have a lovely weekend filled with felty birdsong and smiles


  1. hope your weekend is good, at least!

    those birds are definitely a nice little surprise. The yellow is "hidden" beneath their wings! I think your drawing and stuffed bird are really cute! :] better than mine would look!

  2. what lovely renditions of a beautiful little bird!


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