Sunday, 7 September 2008


A second birdie post as this scribble was supposed to go in the last post, but forgotten:

How I wished the white spectacles looked...

I like this scribble too much to not share it and so he is not alone I will show you a couple of other scribbled birdies from my sketchbook too:

'Peppermint Wings'

'Little Flapper Bird'
 (or 'scribbling birds + reading 'The Great Gatsby'

Happy Sundays All!


  1. oh, wow! i really love your scribbles/doodles! :]

  2. oh my gosh I love the "flapper bird" the irony in it... and the hair... oh I love it! I want to embroider it!

  3. Cool doodles. I highly recommend that you have more penguin scribbles they're very good:) (The drawings, not the penguins, although they are also wonderful!!)


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