Monday, 29 September 2008

Pine-cone Tea and Prickly Chestnuts...

...may not be the afternoon tea choice for me, but it is the favourite of two little friends who like to sit under the end of Summer leaves and discuss travel plans for the Autumn.

My two new little bunnies were picnic-ing at the base of a large tree in the garden not so long ago. They saw the sun come out through the summer cloud and sneaked out of my snug craft room, with mum's tiniest tea cups and a gingham FQ blanket, to enjoy the last day before an official autumn began.

They offered me tea (which was politely declined as I had brought my own, more traditional cup) and began to tell me their stories and plans...

The little brown/grey bunny introduced herself as "Dilly" and told me she was the 12th bunny of her kind, although a little different from those before. She went on to explain that the bunny pattern had been altered to allow her to stand or sit better, although she does still little something to lean upon (Afternoon tea is much better taken in a relaxed position, you see) and she can sit much straighter too, with a stronger little neck. She also told me how she is a close relative of a Higgins the lovely bear and they have the same lovely lambwool's fur. Of course this I knew, but I like to listen to her tiny husky voice so allowed her to tell me anyway.

Her companion is Benjamin, the 13th Bunny of Bunnidom. This, he tells me, is a title given by himself but that does not make it any less true! He felt so smartly dressed in the waistcoat I made for him and a little bow tie, he felt a title was need and think everyone should give themselves a faux title too."Don't you think so too, Duchess Dilly Bun?" he says, so he must be in the habit of bestow titles on passers-by. Has he told you your title yet? I was given chief stitcher of bunnidom.

As for their travel plans, they told me they had enjoyed their visit of the garden and were set to ride to a cute little shop in Sandy, which they heard had the yummiest cakes. 
This shop is, of course, Archie and Mabel's Coffee Shop and where they can currently be found if you wish to swap your stories with them.


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