Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Happiness (and a little giveaway!)

I have been a bit of a misery lately. Things seem to keep going wrong, and it's really been getting to me. One after one I can list all the reasons life is crappy right now...

...but (a very large but!) so many little things have happened that make me super happy too. It should have ruled out all the bad bits automatically, but its funny how we dwell on the bad (or at least I do)

So some of my super happy little things:

Trips to craft shops and farm markets
Tea and hot buttered toast after coming in from Autumn rain
Being able to give little Hugo a home!

This little cape-wearing mouse from Frazzy Dazzles has been waiting at the top of my must-buy etsy list so long and I finally got the chance to adopt him this week. He is on his way and will show up in person on a "things making me super happy list" soon, but for now knowing he is on his way makes me smile, not to mention finding this gorgeous drawing in my inbox the next day
(Caution: may cause delightful squeals!)

(picture from Frazzy Dazzles' blog)

And squeals of delight were definitely hear in my house :)

The most beautiful paper doll and pin from Elsita

(pictures from Elsita's etsy shop)

Also bought on Etsy. Elsita is one of the most amazing artists ever! Her work is so gorgeous, loads of tiny, thoughtful details, I was totally blown away seeing it in person. She is on a blogging break at the moment, but you should visit her often, each post is filled with magic. Her post about the paper doll had me instantly 

My Sex and the City Dvd came!  I didn't want to spoil the movie by finding out what happens before seeing it and then missed it at the cinemas (I have no idea how I managed that!!) I have spent the past 5 months avoiding anything about this movie! Its been tough but now I can finally see all those gorgeous clothes. Patricia Field is my ultimate fashion icon!

Winning a giveaway I accidentally entered! 
(If I had known it was a giveway post, I would have definitely entered and had my finger firmly crossed the whole time! But not knowing made the email even more thrilling!)

Lots of making!!
I really do love making stuff and think its the best cure for my crappy days. I always make things I like or find cute of funny and just cross my fingers and hope they bring smiles to others as well. It fills my heart went I find out they do! Joey of Joey's dream garden blogged my Halloween pieces, a little ghostie is on her way to a new home and then there is all the lovely comments you guy leave... well my heart swells with happiness.

So now I want spread a little of the happiness that sneaked up on me when I needed it the most. This calls for;

A impromptu Giveaway, me thinks!

I haven't decided what to give away yet, but it will be something small and made with love.
If you'd like the little something, please leave a little comment here (or long comment, if you prefer) and I will pick a name from the giant teacup on Sunday the 28th September

Many Many Happy wishes to all!

 (I'll still be having a Halloweeny giveaway on the 1st of October, I just wanted to spread some Happy today as well! hee hee)


  1. I had a little grin when I saw Hugo on your site! I have to say that I really was a little sad to see the wee guy go! I had become a little used to seeing his cheeky face! With that being said I'm glad that he is going somewhere that he will be loved!

    Good luck with the give away...and as for the feeling a little out of sorts thing....I had be professionally wallowing for a few weeks. 'Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms' calibre. But it's gone now. Everything moves on doesn't it?! Jen

  2. hope you get happy! you sure made me happy just seeing all your adorable ipod softies that I never saw b4!

  3. cute buys! and i want some happiness. ;)

  4. You are right those paper dolls are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Oh thanks for spreading a little happy around! Everyone needs a little happiness every day!
    Indeed, it's always the best to see the lighter side of things whenever the going gets tough =)
    The ghostie is adorable by the way!

  6. Must be the changing seasons...autumn is often a melancholy time of year (and I admit, I like that!).

  7. YAY, I'm glad you're feeling a little less gloomy now. I shall ring you soon, I promise (or possibly that's a threat), and try to make you extra happy:) We may even be able to plot a visitation, if you so desire.

    I think I'm rambling now, which is rather amusing, but probably a tad dull for you as you're having to read this ;)

    Right I must be off, wonderful work as ever, can't wait to see some of it again in real life.



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