Sunday, 14 September 2008

Tea Break

Little cakey badge treats are now in the little shop!

 The Cheery Cheery Cakes are very happy to be getting their chance to help everyone celebrate their everyday triumphs. There is lots of chatter about everyday cake occasions buzzing around the floaty shelves. I think my best excuse of the moment is celebrating that 10 minutes you put aside for yourself to read a new season catalogue and dream about your perfect house. What is your perfect everyday cake excuse?

I did happen to hear one little cakey say that if I ever managed to keep my 'post-every-other-day-at-least' promise, that would be a brilliant reason to have a cakey treat.
So I will try really, really hard to do that and not have such long 'tea breaks' between posts!

Love and Cake and Happy End of Weekends

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  1. my everyday cake occasion is doing all the household chores! :]
    btw, those badges are adorable!


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