Monday, 22 September 2008

Behind the Haunted House...

So I thought something was going on in the newly haunted Cozy's garden and when I went to investigate, this is the scene that greeted me;

Among the fabric graveyard and the little ghosties, was a vegetable patch filled with little pumpkins telling scary ghost stories. Each pumpkin, bright and smiley with pointy eyes and fangs, giggled at the stories as they found them too silly to be scary. As brave as the little pumpkins are they find the larger pumpkin a little frightening...
Yes, all those little pumpkins are scared of this one.
His cute eyes and freckles, not to mention teeny-tiny polka dots make him a Halloween pumpkin's worst nightmare! Halloween pumpkins long to be scary, even its it only a little bit scary so they can join in the Halloween fun, and this one is a cutie!
 He does love Halloween as much as any other pumpkin still. His favourite part is helping make costumes by holding the pins and needles, but he also likes handing out the candy :)

The Sweet Pumpkin pincushion/softie will be heading off to the little shop this evening to join Cozy and the little ghostie pins, and the little pumpkin pin friends will follow soon (although they seriously dislike having their pictures taken so it may not be as soon as I'd like). 
And Little pumpkin and Ghostie pins are also haunting (in a polite, friendly, non-scary way!) Archie and Mabel's now.

I am going to have a little Halloween giveaway on the 1st of October, please come and join me then!

Happy early Hauntings!

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  1. too. cute. I love the fall... can't wait for the giveaway! ;]


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