Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Cozy's 'Guest'

You remember 'Cozy Home', my little house softie?
Well, recently he has been looking a little spooked.

Oh dear! His happy puff of smoke has disappeared and a little ghostie has come up through his chimney! No wonder he has a surprised expression, I can't imagine houses like to be haunted much. And although it seems a little early to me to start haunting house, Halloween stuff is popping up everywhere, which is what I believe encouraged this little Ghostie to make a home for herself in poor Cozy.

Cozy would make a lovely home for any creature though I think, especially with his stitched roof (I am so pleased with that little roof!!). Hopefully the little Ghostie is a nice little ghost...  

... and she does seem to be! She seems to be a polite, friendly ghostie, who is a little shy and worries she scares people by sneaking up on them, so always says 'excuse me..' as she approaches in her tiny, ghostly voice. Unfortunately, people are still surprised to see her. I am sure once Cozy gets used to having her around, they will become good friends.

And if you liked to become friends with Cozy and his little Ghostie, they are over in the little shop.

And little ghostie has some little felt pin friends who will be appearing in shop corners and one will appear in a little Halloween giveaway soon :)
But first I have to find out what is going on in Cozy's garden, it seems to be haunted too


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