Thursday, 25 September 2008

Picking out gifts (and another happy list)

After little looking through my project box, I picked my Happiness Giveaway Gift...

A hand-drawn pencil pocket with a blue bow and some small notelets - blue 'Thank you' notelets and some brand new bunnies notes (which I haven't shared yet so this is a little sneak peek too)

I hope you like them!!
Remember to leave a comment here or there before sunday if you do :)

And a few more things that make me happy:

Crispy Autumn leaves and pine cones on the floor

Caramelised onion and poppy seed bagels

Strange gothic style mushrooms at the bottom of the garden...
and  little ones opened by the nibbling of this little guy... 

... he spends his days nibbling  mushrooms, digging tiny holes and throwing pine cones and prickly chestnuts at you! I kid you not! He is either cheeky and carefree, not minding you are about as he does his stuff or a mean little thing. One of the funniest things I ever heard about squirrels was from someone who didn't like them, arguing that they were just "rats with cuter tails and better upbringings" I am completely confused by that statement, but it made me giggle. I'm pretty sure it was the wisdom of Karl Pilkington on the Ricky Gervais Podcast

Just spend some time playing in the garden with Ollie

Hope your day has been full of little things that make you smile


  1. :] your happy things are pretty much the same things that make me happy!

  2. You have made me laugh that you have announced a giveaway but not chosen the thing to give away yet! Glad that I'm not the only one who goes the scenic route around things! Jen

  3. Very cute. The winner will be thrilled with whatever you give away. I've found that I have your bag of goodies that I got from your last giveaway makes for a good fondling session. All the things are so cute and soft and fabulous and make me what to craft lots of things.

  4. Okay, my last comment obviously doesn't make a lot of sense. Anyways, the stuff is very fondle-able. :-)


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