Thursday, 30 October 2008

Halloween Eve Makings

I am having a lovely day-before-Halloween day!
As it's so cold cold, I wrapped up tightly in a wool dress, scarf and big coat (with a pumpkin pin on the lapel) and went out to buy my Halloween supplies.

I got loads of sweets for Trick or Treater and some things to do so Halloween baking tomorrow (very much inspired by this Etsy How-to), but more importantly...

... Pumpkins! 

We ended up buying 4 pumpkins, one for everyone. Mine is the medium sized one with the long stem, its not as broken as it looks luckily. I always look for round pumpkins with interesting looking stems, most the ones today had none :(

My crafting today has been Halloweeny too!
I joined a fantastic craft forum a little while ago and they host "The Thursday Night Project". To take part you just pick and project for your Thursday and share how its going on the forum, fun and very motivating! Today I decide to make Ollie a Halloween costume...

Bat wings for Ollie

I think I'm a bit too old to make a costume for myself, especially when I planning to just stay home and watch creepy cute movies, but I figure Ol can get away with it. I am not the kind to dress him up too much, he doesn't like it and I don't want to make him look silly, but we are both ok with the wings!

I made the wings by cutting 4 wing shapes out of thick black felt and sewing them in pairs on the machine, leaving the narrow end open. I then slipped them over the lead rings on an old chest harness he had as a puppy and sewed to secure them. Super easy!

This photo would have been so sweet, if only the little winged dog had stayed still!

I have to go carve my pumpkin now!
Hope you are having lovely Halloween eve's as well!


**Oh, just incase you'd like to dress up/annoy/humiliate a little dog too, I have put my wing pattern on Flickr


  1. LOL... he looks adorable! hope you enjoy your Halloween!

  2. Ollie does look adorable! I hope you both have a Happy Halloween!!

  3. your puppy looks adorable! Happy Halloween!

  4. Hi! I just found your site and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. I have more decorations for it than all the others combined! ANYWAYS!

    I wanted to share that someone told you wrong. I'm 32 years old and I still dress up for Halloween. I dress up every year...even during each of my pregnancies...shoot. I had just given birth to my planned for Halloween baby (monkey came a whole week early but we rocked her first Halloween. She was a little bud, my son was a bee and I was a hive. She was 2 days old at her first party. I ended up having to take off my costume to nurse her. For the past 2 years Sunshine and I have gone as a Momma Kanga and little Roo....complete with pouch. I didn't make it but my friend had it commisioned and it has a sling so my babe sits right perfect in the pouch. The tail, ears, fuzzy body...and the little outfit for my Sunshine! Too cute. So...even if you're watching movies...if you're passing out's a part of the job description to dress up. :) Hoping this year you dress up 'cause you're never too old. (This year I'm trying to talk my 3 children into doing a Peter Pan as Mrs. Darling, Ben as either Hook (hello pirate man!) or Mr. Darling (...might be interesting too. ;)) our son as Peter, daughter as Wendy, and Sunshine as Tinker Bell. No one else wants to do it but I LOVE themes! :)

    Hoping you dress up...I'd love some pics!


  5. Thank you so much. Yours is the first pattern that I found for bat wings and it is exactly what I was looking for. I'm sooo excited to try my hand at making a pair of wings, although my cat Salem might not be too thrilled to wear the results.


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