Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lovely Craft Goodness

This weekend I went to the Festival of Craft in Farnham to have a look at all the lovely handmade goodness!
and I came home with a couple of goodies too!

A handmade stitched and printed card by Amy Aardvark. I'm developing a bit of a crush on all things deer at the moment and this is so sweet that I won't be sending it to anyone, but I'll be hanging it on my wall in a pretty frame instead.

My other buy is this gorgeous ruffled capelet/collar by Diana Morrison, knitted using a navy stripe ribbon. I love the modern Victoriana look and I think this will be the thing to add a touch of that to basic black tees.

I really wanted to share with you an owl inspired art doll by Sewsister, it was amazing! (I can't seem to find a photo on her website but there are many more dolls to see there.) And these to-die-for bracelets, I have been thinking about them constantly since I saw! They are made from vintage teacups and as I was looking at them I just kept thinking "I am too clumsy for them, I would break it and die from the disappoint of it" A little dramatic, but they were just so gorgeous it all seemed just at the time and I dragged myself away from them. The lust as won over my fear now and they are at the top of my Xmas list!

I am find the best part of starting Xmas sewing at a time that seems too early is having plenty of time to dream yourself the perfect Santa list


  1. That ruffled number is awesome. What a great find!

  2. i'm a big fan of deer here. My husband rolls his eyes and swears we live in a forest!

    Lovely blog you have...i'm off to read more of you! The spider/halloween picture is fantastic. brilliant. :)


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