Wednesday, 8 October 2008

OOoooOOh! One week to goooo!

Have you trick or treated me yet?
There is still one week left to get some Halloween goodies!

Little pumpkin is so excited by the thought of spending Halloween with one of you, he tried out a vampire costume (from the front of the sweet's packet). Don't he look cool? I wasn't going to share this pic as I thought it may be a bit too cheesy, but its been making me smile so I thought it might make you guys smile too :)
I thought I'd also share my Halloweeny inspiration with you too!

Sweet Pumpkin came from the idea of a bunny I would love to make one day - a bunny with a pumpkin costume!

I wasn't sure how to make the bunny exactly how I wanted her to look so I'll save her for another time. I hope she'll be around next Halloween to help celebrate. Her scribble made me think I could make pumpkin softie that would be cute, so the sweet pumpkin pincushion/softie came about with sweet bunny freckles and wide round eyes for this year's fun!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I adore your vampire pumpkin! I'm glad you decided to share him with us! Cheesey is awesome!

  2. Not cheesey at all! He looks very spiffy! Jen

  3. hee, hee. cheesy, but cute ;] very cute.

    and I love the idea of a bunny in a pumpkin costume!


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