Friday, 24 October 2008

Paper-y Goodness

The Dandelion Bunny Notecards and Notelets are now in the little etsy shop!

The bunny has been printed using my print gocco and lovely blue and silver ink. The silver gives the dancing dandelion fairies a little shimmer in the light.

The Notecards are printed on glossy white 3 1/2" x 5" single fold card and are in sets of 3. 
The notelets are  printed 5" x 3" thin cards and have 5 in a set. 
Each come with 100% recycled brown craft envelopes and all the packaging is now biodegradable. I found the eco-craft supplier who I get most my papery goodness from also supplies display bags and sealers made from corn starch, instead of plastic - How fantastic! I like to try to do my bit and I am so pleased to say that they all brilliant quality.

I also gocco printed my dandelion bunny on blue and lilac folded card and on blue lined notelets, which I will listed shortly too.

Happy weekends!


  1. Corn starch? That is so interesting! Your cards are so cute (as usual!) You have been Boo-ed. Details are on my blog.

  2. I really love your bunny with the dandelion-fluff blowing. This looks like the card you sent me, and I really love that slight sparkle to the ink. It reminds me of this wonderful wall decal I would SOOO love to own:


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