Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Lost to Tales

I spent a sleepy long weekend engrossed with fairytales.
On a sunny day after a lovely late lunch, I went to the book shop and this book just called to me...

The lovely papercut cover, the greed of its 279 stories and the curiosity of what I had been reading in another book, it all got the better of me and I had to have it.... and I had to curl up and start reading it immediately.

I love how short but satisfying each story is. They are and yet they aren't the stories I know from childhood. There are ones that I know, ones that are fuzzy in my mind, ones I never heard of and parts I wasn't told - I wasn't told how the stepsisters cut off their toes to fit into Cinderella's slipper by Disney or Mum for example. Whenever I have felt the need to take a break from sewing or scribbling, or chores much less interesting all together, I sit and read just one tale, after which I feel much more refreshed than by a cup of tea. They really are so much fun to read, maybe more so than as a child!

The other book was "Off with their Heads!", a look at the meanings and lessons of fairytales in childhood. Its rather wordy and studious but fascinating, especially if you like a darker side to your fairytales - you won't see them quite the same after.

A bit of an itty-bitty post today. I was going to share some pieces I was working on during my sleepy weekend but I've let it get so late without uploading the photos, they will have to wait for another day as I must go and prepare a little something for tomorrow's post before I curl up with another tale...



  1. oh, that cover is awesome! ;]

  2. I agree that cover is amazing! Jen

  3. In my college literature class, I did my thesis on the original (often gruesome) versions of popular fairytales. They are just absolutely fascinating!


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