Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Spidy Inspiration

I thought I share the inspiration for my dangly spider today.
I have spotted a couple of links to the dangly spider around blogland and can't tell you how touched I am. Thank you so much for your support! You can visit those blogs herehere and here

I originally made the spider and web Atc for a swap last year. The theme was "All that glitters" and I think there was a lot of rain-sparkled and shimmery webs around the old house at the time. It's a Victorian house with loads of character and period features, unfortunately a big feature was draughts and ways for the spiders to get in! 

The web was stitched with thin gold thread onto punctured card. I didn't send the web for the swap, I still have the card and even looking at it now, I can't tell you what kind of stitching I used. It was before I learnt any thing about embroidery and seems to be running stitch, feather stitch and huge open chain stitches all thrown together. I love how you don't have to follow the rules of embroidery but it still can work out somehow!

Tomorrow I am hoping to share a very dear bunny friend with you!
See you soon 


  1. Oh, can't wait to see the bunny! :]

  2. I love how someone's wonderful doodling-around becomes someone else's art! That is just sooo cute, and I love seeing how the spider hoop evolved ☺


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