Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Forget-me-not Blue

Oh dear! Oh dear! 
I almost forgot to tell you all about an extra guest at Benjamin and Dilly's end of summer picnic!

You just can't go down to the woods for a picnic without a teddy bear and look who came to take pine cone tea with us...

...A little bear named Blue!

Oh! the bunnies do look a bit surprised by their guest! 
It always makes me giggle how they have their own little expression!

You can tell by his expression Blue is a friendly bear though, if not a little melancholy. He (and Benjamin, who is made from the same lovely lambswool) are a blue Forget-me-not colour, which I didn't realise until I had almost forgotten poor Blue. 

You see he hasn't been around to remind me to introduce him to you, as he accompanied the Bunnies on their travels to Archie and Mabel's, where I believe he can be caught unawares,  sipping tea and eating yummy cakes.



  1. cute!!! love the little bear!! also thank you so much for the giveaway gifts!! you outdid yourself!!! the pencil case is ssooo beautiful!!! thanks again!


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