Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Behind the Screams

I saw that title on a horror movie dvd extras menu for their 'behind the scenes' and just had to borrow it for this :)

The Spooky cute pumpkins were such mini little things you only got a glimpse of their little scene. The whole thing was the twisted tree spooky forest you see above. I still have it set up as a rather creepy corner, just incase I feel the urge to make more Halloweenies.

I'm from the fuzzy felt school of set design. A piece of fabric wrapped over a pin board will magically hold light fabric pieces in place and a pin will always hold the bigger stuff. I made the trees from off cuts of brown fleece. I can't throw anything out that may possibly have a use somewhere in a future unthought of project. I have 4 boxes stuffed with the tiniest offcuts, they slowly find there uses... 

And remember how I said a few posts ago I said I'm trying to make the most of each possible last day of Summer sunshine? This was took on that possible day as its been rainy and foggy since. Making the most of it... with the curtains closed tight at two in the afternoon and a daylight bulb?!

I said to myself I wouldn't do Halloween this year, I'd skip straight to Christmas after my August break. But then I scribbled this Batikins in a sketchbook and he nibbled and nibbled until he got his way...

This Bunnikins didn't get her way! Even with the biggest box of calico strip off cuts, its incredibly fiddlely to mummify a Bunnikins without her looking messy or, bizarrely, like a pineapple. Plus Mumikins sounds like more motherly then monsterly... 

Something that is easy to wrap up is Halloween goodies in the shape of pumpkins, especially when there is a pumpkin inside like this one. I got the idea after seeing this on the My Paper Crane blog last year. Its a square of orange tissue with the corners gathered at the top and brown string tightly wound quite a few times around before being tied in bow that holds a little fleece offcut leaf. It would be a cute way to make pumpkin decorations now I think about it!

Under the parcel is a little freebie something I'm working on. I'll have it ready soon but not for the next post.

No, for that I have a strange request for you with a teeny tiny reward... 


  1. Cute little pumpkins!! I love the whole two sets of Halloween!!

  2. Hi Jenny!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing your spidey there. Your spider stitchy is so darling, I loved sharing it. :)

    I'm having so much fun looking at all your new Halloween things!

    Happy Halloweenie!


  3. hello! i followed you over from your folksy shop! your creations look great! well done


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