Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pumpkin Giveaway!!

Time to play Trick or Treat!

And I have a bunch of goodies from the pumpkin patch to give to one bloggy Trick or Treater!

All together we have a Spooky Cute Mini Pumpkin Softie and a Little Pumpkin Felt pin from the little shop, a pumpkin 'surprise ball' which I have no idea of the contents but I am hoping will be something silly and fun, a bag of chocolate pumpkins and ghosties, four halloween balloons and a Mini Pumpkin  paper mini garland...

If you'd like some Halloween goodies, the rules are the same as last year. Just pop your Halloween costume on, knock on my bloggy door and Trick or Treat me in the comments below! 

And if you want to leave a treat (or a trick!) in the way of something Halloweeny (a link or some spooky fun things to do perhaps) and I'll put your name in the picking cauldron twice

I will pick a random name this Sunday (18th of October) giving you enough time to come knocking and me time to get your goodies to you for the Halloween night!

Happy Haunting!


  1. Trick Or Treat!!!
    Happy Halloween!
    I love all of that pumpkin-y goodness (especially the felt pin with fangs! too cute!)

    As soon as I finish sewing this doll for a friend, I will be making that adorable spiderweb embroidery hoop that you featured last year.


  2. Trick or treat! Here's something really cute and spooky!

  3. Trick or Treat!!!

    Those items are so cute!

    Here are some awesome free Halloween embroidery patterns I love:

  4. Adorable Hallowe'en Decorations!

    Trick or Treat...I'd love to win your treats!

  5. I have just realised that I have been telling people about this and did not enter myself! doh!! ;)
    To be honest the only halloween tutorial that I have had a go at was yours and a fab one it was too :) xxx


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