Friday, 16 October 2009

Snail Mail!!

I got some lovely snail mail from you dear bloggy friends this week.

First came brightly coloured stamps which made my eyes light up and this adorable cupcake card from Natasha who's known as Nattybumbum in the bloggy world and that name has to make you smile! She is a finder of the random interesting lovely things so you have to go visit her to see what she has found for you today.

The very next day a rainbow landed on my door mat! Bex had made the loveliest envelope from a page of flower-wearing cuties (with fairy instructions!!) and filled it with some pretty old stamps, so very generous!! You'll find Bex at Stuffed Nonsense, which is not just a lovely blog but also a real shop in Cheltenham, UK. If you live near, you are a very lucky thing! But for those like me who are a little too far there is a Stuffed Nonsense Folksy shop with floaty shelves filled with cuteness, like the Plumps!!

Thank you so much Natasha and Bex!
And to everyone who is joining in! I hope this will make you as excited as your snail mail makes me... I posted my first stamp badge snail mail out today in the freshly painted post box at the end of road :)

Happy Weekends everyones!
Oh... and since you've been listening to my Halloween ramblings for the whole of October, please do join in my pumpkin giveaway!!


  1. yay! im glad that they got there to you alright. thanks for the mention! and also thankyou for the lovely things that you said about the shop!!

  2. You are very welcome my dear - hope your page is looking a little fuller :-)


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