Monday, 12 October 2009

Cosy Crochet days

Sundays are becoming my cosy craft days.

Cosy craft for me is baking something yummy then curling up with a movie and some yarn to crochet. Yesterday was particularly grey, perfect weather for that kind of afternoon...

The little coaster above was made last Sunday but its ends were woven in yesterday. Does anyone have any tips for weaving into quite open stitches? I can't say I'm doing it right...

...but I did take special care to follow the pattern exactly which is a first for me. There it is by the picture in the book, see? The book is Kyuuto! Lacy Crochet, a Japanese craft book in English and its wonderfully pretty. I started with something that looked like a granny square because I've got the hang of them now but beginning this felt like making a evil granny square. Small is tricky!! I really admire all you teeny crocheters.

Speaking of granny squares...

I made all of my 108 squares (thats 4 of each of the 27 colour combinations I found) and I started piecing them a couple of weeks ago. This has become the main event of my Sundays and the blanket is just at that size you can sit under it as you sew it. Cosy indeed!

Ah but today is Monday and I better get on with something...
Hope you all have lovely cosy weekends too and are having Happy Monday mornings!

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  1. i sent off your stamps today lady!
    your coaster looks fantastic, i wish i could crochet


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