Thursday, 8 October 2009

Rewards for Snail Mail

How can you not love good old fashioned snail mail?

This is the last piece of snail mail I receive... Its a super sweet snail from Ai's sweet little crochet shop. She is  called Nutmeg and accorded to the little bio that came with her (how cute is that!) likes cappucino, chocolate truffles and cozy nights in front of a fire.

Nutmeg, as well as this lovely post about letter writing, got me thinking about good old fashioned stick-a-stamp-on-it post. I don't get much... franked and printed postage, yes plenty, but stamps...
Want to see how many in the last 6 weeks?

This is another page from my Wreck this Journal. Basically its sketchbook with a random instruction to follow on every page and it's fantastic! This page says "Collect the stamps off of all your mail" and this page is going to take sometime. But then I got thinking...

I've seen some people asking for stamps for their WTJ so I was wondering if maybe I could ask if people could send me some. This feels quite cheeky I must admit, but nothing ventured, nothing gained... and you would of course gain a little something too!

In return for a piece of mail with a good old fashioned postage stamp on, I would send you back a piece of mail with a good old fashion stamp on too and inside a newly fashioned fabric postage stamp badge like the ones above to say thank you!

I don't want anything fancy. The cheap stamps fill a page as good as any and you haven't to send anything but a note with your name on so I can make sure you get your badge and a thank you mention here too.

The Stamp badges are about the same size as a stamp and are hand drawn with a proper brooch fastening and I will send them anywhere you would send a stamp from :)

If anyone would like to help me, please leave a comment with your email address or email me at the address in the side bar, so I can send you my post address and get yours. I've made up the five little badges above and you can pick your own, please say which in the comments here so other people may know its yours. If there is more than five people (pretty please) I will be happily making more and more...

Thank you so much for reading my little request,
I know its a bit of an odd one but I think it might be fun...


  1. Me!!! I would like to send you some stamps :)
    Just drop me an e-mail hun I will get some in the post for you.

    Oh.. erm I really don't mind which lovely stamp i get tho I do like the little smiley face :)

    Thankyou for tagging me too, looks like a fun one I shall get on to that soon xxxx

  2. Coolest fabric stamps ever!! I am emailing you presently. I love letters! xo Leanna

  3. That is a cute snail...and I love Wreck this Journal!!! :)

  4. OOO these are gorgeous, I love your work! I don't mind sending you snail mail at all! Would be a pleasure!
    Particularly loving the love heart stamps :-)

  5. I would like to play :) bunnycreates [at] :) oops i liked the eyes too but they are all so cute.

  6. Did I make it? :) I would love to trade! My email address is becksorange at gmail dot com!

  7. if theres any space i have a collection of old stamps and would be more then happy to send you some! its a really cuite idea

  8. I would like to send you some local post stamps (I´m in Argentina) if you want to. I like the rose stamp or the eyed one but it´s ok if they are gone already I can still send the stamps, only because your blog is so lovely.
    E-mail me at cuacoramasatgmaildotcom

  9. Oh what fun! What a great idea. You can find my email and address on my blog Click on the contact page from the top.
    If there are no badges left, not to worry, I'm still happy to send you some lovely snail mail : )

  10. hahaha actually I do not like old fashion snail mail, I prefer to send messages via email and packages via Fedex or DHL, it is so much faster than the old mail, but after looking at your project, I will think twice!

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