Sunday, 4 October 2009

Spooky Cute

I am a scaredy cat and like my halloween more silly than scary, but I thought I'd give spooky a go with a little bit of stitching...

It looks like I almost got a creepy pumpkin. Almost... you know hold you hold a torch under your chin to make telling ghost stories scarier? Well, that what this pumpkin was doing as I snapped his pic.
His story wasn't that spooky, tales of pumpkin pie and toasted seeds. And in the daylight, neither was he...

Quite bright and cheery really!

It looks like I can safely come out of hiding from behind the sofa as its going to be another cute Halloween in my house. I must admit I'm pleased.

You have to love photoshop's ability to make felt pumpkins glow!

Finally but importantly, Thank you for letting me be all giddy yesterday. I always feel incredibly lucky that I get to share my little stitchings and you guys stop by to see them, not just there but here too. I don't say how happy that makes me much so I wanted to say it now.

Thank you bloggy friends
You make my day!

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