Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mail by Snail

Ooh I popped off there for a little unexpected trip North but I am back now and I came home to some lovely snail mail...

My first international snail mail from Leanna in Canada!
Canada has the 2010 Olympic games and the stamp has the cutest little hockey player. I am not a sporty person so for me to say this is cute makes it super cute indeed! She also added a sweet little bird and mushroom which will be going on my inspiration board as soon as it has the tidy up it really does need. You can visit Leanna at Bird on a Pencil, a cosy crochet blanket of a blog filled with yarn and pretty finds. Thank you so much Leanna!

My second snail mail is from Bunzi and is from far away too...
Now I know I am supposed to be collecting stamps but I am quite smitten with your letter paper too and this one really made me smile. Along the top of the page, a line of sweet little bunnies with carrots and stars and post boxes... they are just too cute! Bunzi blogs at Bunny creates and she is taking a bit of a crafty break to be Mummy to her adorable little girl, but I really hope she will be thinking of making stationary one day... Who doesn't need little bunnies in their post box?

I have more snail mail to share but I'd like to spread it out a little so I can say a proper bloggy thank you to everyone. The stamp badges are being posted one by one on daily walks to the little red post box so most are on their way and if I have received your snail mail then your Stamp is definitely on its way to you. Unfortunately the good old British Postie is having a couple of slower days this month so please be patience... it really may be snail mail

Thanks again everyone!


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