Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Meet "Flump"

She is called 'Flump' as the pink and white reminded me of marshmallows. 
She is also very soft and fluffy too.

Flump is Bunny number 5. 
Like the others, she is just under 30cm, has a fabric dress, bow, embroidered eyes and freckles and is numbered.
She will be the last white bunny, as there is no more white jumper left... but, there is more of the same kind in different colours.

The jumpers I use have been shrunken (accidentally) and are made from angora. Angora is a super soft natural fibre that comes from rabbits. If you've never seen a real angora bunny, you  have to take a look at this one. Oh so fluffy!!

'Flump' is at the shop waiting to be adopted, and 'Duffy' is also there keeping her company.


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