Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Four World Peace and Chocolate

No, its not a typo or bad grammar, just a bad play on words from me.
Today, I have a little edition of mini totes to share.

Chocolate Nun Mini Totes

Number 1

A little edition of four, based on the Chocolate Nun tote I made last year. Each one is slightly different, keeping with my idea to make every piece as unique as possible. Each is numbered and signed.

Number 2

The picture is hand drawn, and is of a nun praying for "World Peace and Chocolate" (which would be very high on my own list of things to pray for).

The scribble has changed a little different from the original. The nun has become a little softer and cuter, and the thought bubbles a little fancier.  

Number 3

The original Chocolate Nun Mini Tote was made as a 2007 mother's day gift for my Mum. The bag was the perfect size to fit a box of my Mum's favourite chocolates, so the Nun's prayer came true :)

Number 4

Being a Mini Tote, they are around 22cms square, a rather perfect gift bag size for chocolate (a well tested theory) or for storing bits and bobs around the house (another tested theory, as I used one as a sewing bag.)
They are made for natural coloured, 100% calico and the ink is heat-sealed and washable at low temperatures. I would advise following a 'handmade = handwash' rule.

I will be taking these and some other wares up to Archie and Mabel's sometime soon, and I am very keen on opening a teeny little online shop (once some pesky paperwork is out of the way),
so here or there, they are going to be available soon.

It's exactly 3 months today that I have been blogging and selling. 
That's a quarter of a year already!! (I know you know that, but I like to say it out loud.) And a very happy quarter-year it has been.

Happy Wednesdays to All

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