Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Once upon a week ago...

...I went on a little trip to Oxford. Upon my return I promise to tell you a little about it, but then was distracted by bunnies, nuns, cakes and curly-haired girls.
A week and a bit later, I remembered and wrote this post...

Oxford is a wonderful place. I love cities, as nothing seems further than a walk away, and we spent most our time wandering. I wish I had taken my camera, the streets were so inspiring. Houses of every age, style and colour were squeezed together along some of the tiny little lanes. Big, grand, carved-stone university buildings next to pink cottage-type home, it really was a fascinating sight. I have come home with a love of houses and am plotting to do some house-inspired craft.

I also came home with these shoes, which I had to have the moment I spotted them. They are Paul Smith canvas trainers with a beautiful, fascinating print by Rob Ryan.

"Have Faith In Me..."

I fell deeply in love with Rob Ryan's work when I first saw the paper dress he made for Vogue, and I am now in total awe of his magnificent papercut work. I love the way you have to take your time and really look before all the figures and what they are doing appears. 

"Down With Laziness"

As well as his own site, he also has an Etsy shop and a book out (both of which are on my "must buy" list). I'm so happy to have these shoes and a piece of his work in my life.

I Y  handmade


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  1. Those shoes are lovely.

    Glad you had a great time in Oxford. You'll have to come and visit me again when I'm a bit more sorted:) (If you want to that is!!)


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