Thursday, 3 April 2008

This Bunny has been waiting to see you...

Meet Bunny number 4!

I have given her the little name of "Flo" for now. 
Usually, the bunnys and the rest of my pieces get their names as I work on their faces, but bunny 4 is a little different.

She was made a couple of weeks ago as a custom order of sorts. 
As I sewed, I knew this little bunny had an owner so I decided to let her be named by her. She was to be given as an Easter present, (hence why not posted sooner, I hate to spoil surprise pressies) so is already at her new home and it sounds like she will be in lovely company. 

I have been easing myself back to work today, after my lovely little visit to a penguin-loving friend, by doing a couple of finishing stitches with plans for more tomorrow. It was easier than I ever imagined to step away from the pins and needles, although I'm very happy to be back with them now.

I plan to be back with my usual Friday post so...
see you tomorrow

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